Underage Drinking And DUI Attorney

Underage drinking is often prevalent among high school and college students. One youthful indiscretion can result in a DUI, penalties and a criminal record that will follow the minor far into the future.

Attorney Michael E. Zanol of Wenatchee, Washington, understands the serious impact such charges can have on a student's future. With more than 30 years' experience handling these cases, he knows how to effectively work with prosecutors and judges in the area to achieve a resolution with minimal impact that protects the student's future and gives him or her a second chance.

If you or your child has been charged with underage or minor DUI, do not delay in contacting DUI defense lawyer Michael E. Zanol to learn your options and immediately begin defending against the charges. Call him today at 509-872-5113.

Underage individuals (under 21 years old) have much more stringent legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limits while driving. If an underage driver blows over .02, he or she will be charged with a minor DUI, which carries the same penalties as for of-age individuals charged with DUI. For many minors, just one drink would put his or her BAC over the legal limit.

If the minor is found with alcohol in the car or in his or her possession, additional charges will be filed.

The minor could face jail, probation, license suspensions and court-ordered alcohol treatment programs. In addition, and perhaps more grave, the minor would have a DUI on his or her record that would be visible to schools, scholarship committees and future employers. This could create a serious obstacle for future opportunities that he or she would otherwise be fully qualified for.

Mr. Zanol fights aggressively on behalf of minors to see that a youthful mistake does not derail the minor's future or opportunities. He will work with prosecutors and judges to create a resolution that minimizes the impact the incident has on the minor's future, providing a second chance. In many cases, this involves programming and other requirements intended to prevent future mistakes.