DUI And Commercial Drivers' Lawyer

Truck drivers and those with commercial driver's licenses have even more on the line when being stopped for a DUI. The legal limits are much lower and the penalties much more harsh.

Attorney Michael E. Zanol of Wenatchee, Washington, aggressively fights on behalf of commercial drivers and those with a CDL to protect their ability to continue driving and earning income. He understands what is on the line for these drivers and works diligently on their behalf with prosecutors and law enforcement to see their driving privileges reinstated.

If you have a CDL and you have been charged with a DUI, call DUI lawyer Michael E. Zanol today. The sooner you work with representation, the more options you have. Call 509-872-5113 today.

If CDL drivers are stopped and blow over a .04, they will be charged with a DUI, even if they are not on the job or driving for work at the time of the incident.

Even a first offense DUI will cause your license to be suspended for at least a year. A second offense will cause the license to be revoked for the rest of your life with no chance at reapplying.

Even if your license is only suspended for a year with the opportunity to reapply, it can be very difficult to secure another CDL. Often the laws have changed in the years since you originally got your CDL, and you must now start from scratch, taking all written and driving tests again with additional requirements.

Mr. Zanol will aggressively negotiate, working with prosecutors to reach a resolution or minimized charge that will prevent your CDL and commercial driving privileges from being revoked. There are many factors that go into these negotiations and can work in your favor. Mr. Zanol is highly experienced and knowledgeable in effective and strategic defenses. He is often able to have the charges brought down to a lesser offense that will not compromise your ability to work.