Hit-And-Run Lawyer

After being involved in an accident or hitting another vehicle, many people are flooded with panic and adrenaline. This can cause some drivers to quickly drive away from the scene of the accident.

Other times, a driver may accidentally hit an unattended vehicle and feel that he or she has no means of contacting the vehicle owner, deciding instead to leave the scene. Even this lapse in judgment can result in hit-and-run charges.

Attorney Michael E. Zanol of Wenatchee, Washington, represents individuals who have been accused of hit-and-run accidents, providing strategic defenses based on the facts of the situation. He fights to protect these drivers' licenses and driving privileges.

If you have been charged with a hit and run, or suspect that you could be under investigation for such an offense, contact attorney Michael E. Zanol immediately to learn your options and mount a proactive defense. Call him today at 509-872-5113 for a free initial consultation.

The sentencing for a hit-and-run accident depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

  • If you fled the scene of an accident where the other vehicle was unattended, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and suffer no loss of license.
  • If you fled the scene of an accident where the other vehicle had a driver or passenger in the car, you will be charged with a gross misdemeanor and have your license taken for one year.
  • If you fled the scene of an accident where another person was injured, you will be charged with a felony and lose your license for one year.

While the consequences may seem minor, the offense can have a serious impact on your driving privileges, insurance and criminal record. It is important that you take them seriously and seek legal counsel. A skilled lawyer can create a strategic defense on your behalf, working with the DMV, prosecutors and other administrative workers to ensure that your driving privileges are protected.